No wonder James Appreciated Mahal by Madrid

No wonder James Appreciated Mahal by Madrid

Bogota expensive price that must be redeemed Real Madrid for James Rodriguez criticized. However, according to the legend lives Colombia, Carlos Valderrama, James deserve priced expensive given recent performance.

Look good with Colombia in World Cup finish the tournament as top scorer with six goals past, James has captivated Madrid who then sign him from AS Monaco at a price of 80 million euros.

The expensive price just to lose Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Luis Suarez, who incidentally had experience in European football more than James. James had just actually strengthen Porto lift right from the name since 2010.

So naturally, if the purchase James criticized for Madrid just a waste of money, considering the many players in the team type of attacking the capital. Even the arrival of James had to make a hero of Madrid in the Champions League final, Angel Di Maria, a move to Manchester United.

Plus appearance James is still mediocre at this time, 12 games and 3 goals, compared to Di Maria who has been tuned with the ‘Red Devils’, then the criticism can be had ceased visiting Madrid and James.

Valderrama, who came to fame in the 90s, reasonable rate if James rewarded handsomely as he has shown his quality as a potential future star. If his performance is still not okay today, it is because the process of adaptation to the star-studded squad like Madrid.

James has shown its quality in the last World Cup in Brazil. Already an achievement if he can adapt to a squad full of talented and experienced players, do so at a young age be a plus for him,” said Valderrama as reported by Football Espana.

This is a crucial moment for him to learn and now he has a chance to do so. He was 22 years and we hope he can survive long in Madrid, because of all the people of Colombia to support it,” said collectors of 111 caps and 11 goals with the Colombian.