Suggest Arsenal Pires Recruit Khedira

Suggest Arsenal Pires Recruit Khedira

Goa Former Arsenal player Robert Pires, believes that his former club could compete for the Premier League title. However, to add strength, Arsenal are advised to hook Sami Khedira.

Step Arsenal in the Premier League this season is still stalled. After eight weeks, the Gunners are still stuck in eighth with 10 points from two wins, four draws and one defeat.

Assess Pires of Arsenal squad that now has the quality to win the league. However, according to the players who contributed to the ‘the invincibleArsenal won the Premier League season 2003/2004, the former club does not have an aggressive figure in the midfield as Patrick Vieira.

To that end, Pires suggested Arsenal to recruit Khedira in the upcoming January transfer window. The man who is now 40-year-old judge Khedira is a player that Arsene Wenger needed at this time.

He (Wenger) needs a big player in midfield, like Vieira, strong, tall, because this position is very important for the balance between offense and defense,” said Pires told Telegraph Sport.

“The quality is there, but you need more, maybe someone like Yaya Toure in the middle. He reminds me of Patrick Vieira, maybe they have a chance to Khedira. Was probably in the January transfer window,” said the player who is now grazing with Goa FC in Indian Super League‘s.

He played very well with Germany. My advice is if he (Wenger) can buy Khedira, he could be the new Vieira, more aggressive in midfield. He’s got a lot of experience. When you play in the middle, you need experience, especially when the line your middle as Arsenal’s young, he said.

Khedira had been linked with Arsenal since last summer transfer window. Contract with Real Madrid Khedira will be consumed in the summer of next year.