Southampton Need mentality Four Large

Southampton Need mentality Four Large

Agen Judi Bola There is something that is needed by Southampton so that they can fulfill his ambition to finish in the top four zones. The Saints need a great team mentality occupants plus four additional new ammunition.

Southampton worth mentioning as a surprise team in the Premier League this season. Did not seeded, they can survive in third place until the 13th week.

Even more impressive, Southampton actually lost a lot of players pillars last summer. Club based in St. Mary‘s Stadium was left Rickie Lambert, Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, and Calum Chambers. However, thanks to the concoction manager Ronald Koeman, they actually look okay with his new face.

Koeman was worried his team was able to survive in the top over time. He realizes that his team did not have something that is in the well-established teams, namely experience and a winning mentality.

The club did not have the experience of four major football clubs like the other. This is the difference at this point. We do not have that mentality,” said Koeman at Soccerway.

But, we wanted to have it. The club wants to be in a position now, everybody wants it,” added Koeman.

But, it is very difficult because we have a different type of squad. We have players younger with great ability, but less experienced,” he continued.

One day we will be the foot on the pedal and we will always be challenging them. However, the road is still long, said Koeman.

Southampton is currently under Chelsea and Manchester City. But, they are on top of the big teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

In order to remain competitive team, Koeman plans to bring in new players in the January transfer window.

I will talk to the club directors about what we need and what we want to do,” said the former coach of Valencia and this Feyenoord.

This is the toughest league because you can lose against anyone. You have to be ready in every game and you can not play in the condition of 70 percent,” he added.

You have to be 100 percent and it was difficult for us because we need all the players. All players must be fit and we do not have as much owned the big teams, and it’s difficult,” he said.