Pessimistic Ibrahimovic Wins Ballon d’Or

Pessimistic Ibrahimovic Wins Ballon d'Or

Paris The name Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the list of 23 candidates for the Ballon d’Or in 2014. But the big Swede could pessimistic title of the most prestigious football players such as missing the 2014 World Cup.

I am indeed on the nominee, but it will be very difficult to win. So, I do not play in the World Cup in 2014. Many good players shine in there,” said Ibrahomovic as quoted by PSG TV, Friday, October 31, 2014. (Read: It causes Suarez dropped from the Ballon d’Or)

Ibrahimovic scored 41 goals from 46 appearances with Paris SaintGermain in all competitions last season. This record makes it into the list of 23 candidates for the world’s best soccer player.

The players on the list Ballond d’Or nominee and played in the World Cup will be more fortunate. They can show their quality and get the attention,” said Ibrahimovic.

Ibrahimovic, besides so players mainstay PSG, also administer the Swedish national team captain’s armband. Unfortunately, step Swedish stalled before competing in Brazil.