Marcos Rojo Want Grazing Again Soon

Marcos Rojo Want Grazing Again Soon

Manchester After a long time in the treatment room makes Marcos Rojo not feel at home. Manchester United defender is hoping his injury recover soon so he can re-sod.

Rojo thigh injury in recent weeks. His last appearance was in the game against Southampton, December 8 last. That is, the Argentine defender has missed four games that lived MU.

Rojo feel itchy” because he can not play when his team through a busy period with a fixture that is so dense. He also hoped that his condition immediately fit.

Of course there are many games that come quickly, one after the other. What I want is to fit as soon as possible, so I can help the team,” said Rojo quoted Soccerway.

The manager wants as many players ready to perform at this busy period. This is an important part of the season, with so many games in a short time,” he added.

I’m out of luck since getting injured lately and I really do not like it. It’s not fun can not practice and did not make the team,” said the player who purchased it from Sporting Lisbon.

I’m just hoping to get back to the best fitness condition and no injuries because of injury was never a good thing,” said Rojo.