La Liga is believed There Will Be Racing Two HorsesAgain

La Liga is believed There Will Be 'Racing Two Horses' Again

Agen Casino 338A After last season Atletico Madrid managed to damage the duopoly of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish league this season is believed to be the same thing will happen. Predicted to be contested title teams.

Last season Atletico successfully embrace the Spanish league title, break the dominance of Barca and Madrid in recent years. Since 2004-2005, the title is just so struggles between Barca and Madrid just before the stalled last season.

It is believed to be re-occurring this season. Although so far Madrid and Barca lead the standings Madrid at the top with a value of 27, while Barca are two points in belakangnya–, several other teams not far behind.

Valencia to be one of the strongest candidates to compete with Barca and Madrid. Bats Mestallawhile it is in third place within three points of Madrid. Appearances okay Valencia can be seen from the record that they had one loss so far of 11 games, while Barca and Madrid had twice swallow even negative results.

Atletico and Sevilla so the next team that could potentially participate in the competition title. Both row in fourth and fifth place in the standings, both collected 23 points. Barca defender Adriano believes the title will be contested these teams.

“The league is not just a two-horse race between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Valencia had a good team. Atletico Madrid and Sevilla also being a very good campaign. And there are plenty of other teams that are in poor where we would be at the level of 100% if they want to win , “said Adriano to the US.

Barca alone will immediately undergo a difficult test when host Sevilla after the international break. As a former Atletico player, Adriano knows his team really need a strong effort to reap the rewards.

Sevilla are a tough team, a team that has strengthened themselves very well over the last two years. They have released a lot of players and bring in as much, and now I think the players understand each other,” he continued.

They also got the young players and the great efforts of the coach, they are obviously going to struggle to win the league. So for us it was a difficult game, as it has always been the case,” said the Brazilian international defender.