Klopp Want to Give Signal Handle Premier League

Klopp Want to Give Signal Handle Premier League

Agen Casino Sbobet Juergen Klopp wants to taste adventures in the country and in addition to the German league and the Bundesliga. Eccentric coach was tempted to move to England and the Premier League deal.

Since imported from Mainz in 2008, Klopp is the figure of an idol at the Signal Iduna Park. He successfully made the Dortmund won two titles Bindesliga DFBPokal and the crown. Not only that, Klopp also lift the club from bankruptcy.

Success was also making a name often ogled the big clubs from different leagues. Not least number of Premier League clubs. Among other things, Arsenal and Manchester United. Is he interested?

“I think it’s just this is the only country where I have to work, after Germany, since only the state language is what I know. And I need the language (which I understand) to work,” said Klopp was quoted as saying Soccerway.

If someone asked me, then I will be ready to talk about it,” said 47-year-old man.

But Klopp contract with Dortmund still long enough. In a renewed contract in June 2013, Klopp agreed to stay there until 2018.