Fellaini Not Players Ideal for Most People Do, but Could Determine

Fellaini Not Players Ideal for Most People Do, but Could Determine

San Sebastian – Marouane Fellaini is called is not the type of player is ideal for most people. However, if used correctly, he could be the deciding factor strengthening the team.

Fellaini first season with Manchester United is far from good. Played as a central midfielder, Fellaini is considered too slow and its positioning is fairly bad. Naturally, if then he had assessed the flop, while United have issued 27.5 million pounds to buy from Everton.

By this time the United manager, Louis van Gaal, Fellaini no longer be used as a central midfielder. In the 4-3-3 formation he used later, Fellaini become one of the three midfielders. However, its position is extended forward and the role seems to be the second attacker United.

In this position, Fellaini, who is labeled by Guardian columnist, Jonathan Wilson, as a deep-lying man– targets are often the target of long passes are removed from the back line. In addition, Fellaini also become the target of target cross removed from the field. Typically, Fellaini will be standing at the far post when welcomes cross.

The position and role changes made Fellaini improved performance this season. As a result, from 21 times to play in the Premier League, the Belgian midfielder has scored 5 goals.

“I’m not surprised with the performance now. I’ve thought he would have a great influence in England,” said the former United manager who is also the former manager at Everton Fellaini, David Moyes, in The Independent.

“He used to send SMS to me and I always reciprocate. I told him, he has to look good and have to defend it. I’m glad.”

“He will not be the ideal player for everyone, but it can determine and you definitely need a player who can be decisive,” said Moyes.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, to have to implement specific strategies to turn off Fellaini, when his side face United at the weekend. He commissioned beknya, Kurt Zouma, to become defensive midfielder and perform man-marking on Fellaini throughout the game.

To prepare this strategy, Mourinho even training Zouma special way during the week. Commissioned Mourinho Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who plays 193 cm–, to be “Fellaini” and do one on one duel with Zouma.