Fellaini No Longer Dead Card

Fellaini No Longer Dead Card

Judi Bola Online There are several things that can be learned Manchester United in the last seven weeks. First, they deserve to thank David De Gea over the full range of points earned. Second, Marouane Fellaini is no longer a dead card for them.

De Gea performed brilliantly during United’s 2-1 win over Arsenal a few weeks ago. If it were not for a rescue that made Spanish goalkeeper, United may be going home empty-handed from the Emirates Stadium.

Wednesday (03/12/2014) pm dawn, De Gea back look okay when United host Stoke City. Some rescue was doing before the end of the second half made the 2-1 lead of the United maintained.

2-1 score was then lasted until the long whistle sounded and the ‘Red Devils’ also took full points again. It was their fourth win in the last four games.

In addition to De Gea, there are some other names that also deserve attention. Juan Mata scored again, which finished second goal in the last four games. Meanwhile, Ander Herrera contributed one assist, making incised two assists and a key pass in the last two games.

One other names are also not escaped the attention is Fellaini. Attention is directed to the Belgian midfielder was not separated from the fact that he underwent the first season was so difficult at Old Trafford. Fellaini was considered a flop after imported at a price of 27.5 million pounds from Everton.

If at Everton he often terrorized line behind the opponent with physical strength and height, in his first season at United Fellaini just fizzled. David Moyes often set it up as a defensive midfielder, but this proved not the best position Fellaini. Players curly hair is often too slow to cover the space.