Demi Fence De Gea, MU Reportedly Will Give Contract Gee’

Demi Fence De Gea, MU Reportedly Will Give Contract 'Gee'

Manchester David De Gea contract with Manchester United’s remaining 18 months. Not wanting to lose the Spanish goalkeeper, the ‘Red Devilswas reportedly ready to spend deep.

De Gea recently targeted heavily rumored to replace Real Madrid Iker Casillas. With the performance of the latter increases, the 24-year-old goalkeeper was assessed as a fitting replacement for Casillas.

However, United did not want to lose De Gea. Especially if you look at the performance of De Gea in recent weeks, where he made a brilliant rescue-particularly in the match against Arsenal and Southampton.

Eurosport spread the news that United are ready to give a new contract duration of five years with a value of 36.4 million pounds. That is, De Gea will get around 7.28 million pounds per year (about USD 142 billion).

This value is called the greater than what was offered to Joe Hart of Manchester City to sign a new contract. As an illustration, the City offered a four-year contract Hart with a salary of 120 thousand pounds per week (approximately USD 2.3 billion).

When signing the contract, De Gea will be the goalie with the biggest salaries in the world, even surpassing revenue Casillas in Madrid.

This season, De Gea was the only United player who always appeared in 15 Premier League games. Ex-United defender Gary Neville, also mention that De Gea is the most important players ‘Red Devils’ today.