Bartomeu Affirm Happy Messi at Barca

Bartomeu Affirm Happy Messi at Barca

Agen Casino Sbobet The future of Lionel Messi at Barcelona had speculated before the exchanges opened in January. President of Los Cules, Jordi Bartomeu confirmed that La Pulga happy at Camp Nou.

In a newspaper wawancra with Argentina, Messi‘s father, Jorge Messi, had argued that the middle child in a complicated situation at Barça.

The statement was then touted opened the door for Messi of Barca. But, the statement immediately rush revised. Jorge asserted that Messi does not have the desire to move.

About the rumors of future Messi, Bartomeu also confirmed that the 27-year-old striker happy at Barca. He also said that Messi was being attempted to secure additional contracts.

Leo is very happy at our club; his father also had said that to me, even though he was under pressure in the middle of the field,” said Bartomeu in As.

He did not ask for a new contract on us. No, no. He’s happy. We always help players at this club, and Guardiola also said the same thing a few years ago. Leo happy at Barca,” he added.