Barca president‘s team Expect Better in 2015

Barca president's team Expect Better in 2015

Barcelona Coming to the turn of the year, a lot of hope and a prayer being said. Josep Maria Bartomeu for, hope and prayer it is better Barcelona in 2015.

Barcelona did not win a trophy anything during the year 2014. In fact, the only trophy that they can at last season, the Spanish Super Cup trophy, won in 2013.

In addition to zero trophies, 2014 is also the year in which Barca get suspended activities in the two stock transfer by FIFA. Although later Barca appeal and FIFA to postpone the punishment.

Another controversy concerns the transfer of Neymar. In purchasing the Brazilian star, Barca is alleged to have engineered the contract and the amount of funds expended. This case forced the previous Barca president, Sandro Rosell, retreat.

This year is really complicated. A lot of things happen so we must fight openly. We already provide as much information as we can,” said Bartomeu, which replaces Rosell as Barca president, to the US.

A lot of the problem is still not closed. We will continue to fight,” he continued.

2014 which is not so smooth, Bartomeu was expecting a brighter 2015. He was convinced, in the presence of Luis Enrique as coach, Barca will achieve better results than last season.

2015 will be an extremely important year for the club. There are many things to be determined.”

We have the enthusiasm and confidence to Luis Enrique to bring this club forward. There are months full of fun in front, and we believe him because he deserves to trust it,” said Bartomeu.