Argentine people who Changing History Barca

Argentine people who Changing History Barca

Barcelona Before there was Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona has been knitting history as a Spanish and European giants. Since there Messi, Barca have another history.

As the people of Barcelona, for all that he gave to the club, I believe that Messi deserve to retire at Barca. He is a figure of legend who has changed the history of Barcelona.

As a teammate and friend, I certainly want to play with Leo. This season Barca is Messi + 10 other players. Messi many times has saved his team.”

Cesc Fabregas utterance quoted Guardian, responding to rumors that his current team, Chelsea, is exploring the possibility to pick Messi from Camp Nou to London although temporarily denied by his manager, Jose Mourinho.

The story about this rumor may be quite long so the media discussion. What is clear, Messi is a history of its own in the history of Barca. Barca instinct when he brought from Argentina, at the age of 13 years and sickly”, proved far exceeded all expectations.

For the sake of the child believes it has a miracle”, Barca did not care about the doctor’s diagnosis that Messi deficiensy develop any kind of growth hormone, which makes slow growth. Later known small Messki have different leg lengths, the left and the right. But Barca still put him to La Masia, bear all her medical expenses every month.

Four years was educated at the academy of Barcelona, Messi menembut first team in the 2004/2005 season. Coach Frank Rijkaard gave him his debut in La Liga on October 16, 2004, at the age of 17 years 114 days. Seven times the Dutchman was played Messi in domestic competition this season, including when the left-handed-legged teenager scored his first goal on May 1, 2005, to the goal Albacete.